National Park Annual Report Microsite
Student Assignment: Website Design, Creative Design (including website graphics)
As a student assignment in December 2019, I was asked to create a digital annual report. I chose a bold concept to catch viewers' attention but also allow them to navigate easily. 
1 digital annual report that includes given content (created in Adobe XD)
Throughout the user interface design, I kept a green and blue color scheme to mimic landscapes and water features seen in the national parks. I also added a few animations to create interest.
1. Information Architecture
We were given the content for this assignment, so I broke down the information into groups. Once I listed the different sections, I created a visual graphic showing the functionality of the website.
2. Wireframes and Design Sketches
For this project, I combined my wireframes with my sketches. This combination doesn’t always happen for me. However, I believe this was the most successful approach for this particular project. Although I follow similar steps, I think it’s important to be flexible in the design process because there’s no single approach that is going to work for every project!
3. Design
To stay organized during the design stage, I “sectioned off” different areas of my design in Adobe XD. This technique allowed for quick and easy navigation from one artboard to the next.
4. Prototype
All of the artboards are prototyped; here's a look at one of them. I used new features in Adobe XD including hover effects and components.
If you're curious and want to learn more about components, check out my tutorial on working with components in Adobe XD.
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