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Logo and App Icon
For most of my designs, I like to keep sketches pretty small. It prevents me from going into too much detail at this stage (saving me loads of time in the long run).
Gotham is a friendly sans-serif typeface made of modern geometric forms, which relates to the graphic (i.e. the "o" relates to the antennas). Although Gotham is integrated within the app, I primarily used Helvetica for increased legibility.
Helvetica is sans-serif typeface well-known for its increased legibility. It's an approachable typeface and comes in a rang of weights to help with variety and hierarchy. Helvetica can be found in headings and body copy.
Brand Colors
The off-white hue transmits the clean and minimal feel that users were looking for, according to my research. Yellow is bright and eye-catching, providing a sense of happiness to users who are experiencing various college stressors. Black is used sparingly to provide contrast and increase legibility. It's important to note I also used various shades of gray to obtain visual hierarchy and variety.
Theoretically, the primary brand colors would remain the same throughout the app even if the users customized their color schemes.
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