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For my senior capstone in early 2020, I designed an organizational app for college students. This project was heavily based on user research and the deliverables included brand identity, app design, and a website homepage design.
Copyright: By viewing my senior project, you understand: I created the name, company, and most design elements, but I also used stock images and other elements I do not own; the company, brand, app, and homepage design are all fictitious—for example, there's not an actual app you can download (that'd be pretty cool); you may not copy, sell, or redistribute my work. If you'd like to work together or have questions, please contact me!
Award Winner: This design won a national award from the Flux Student Design competition, which is run by AIGA Blue Ridge. You can find my design in the “UX/UI” category.

Project Scope
College students have a lot of responsibilities. From finances to time management, it can be a lot to handle. Currently, these responsibilities are often tracked or viewed in multiple platforms and applications (i.e. mail apps, calendar apps, note taking apps, and information management systems). The process to access elements can be time-consuming, disorganized/difficult to navigate, and oftentimes lacks personal customizations. As a potential solution, I created and designed an all-in-one organization app for college students.
Noted is an app that cohesively integrates several productivity elements commonly used by college students—such as document management, notes, calendars, schedules, and reminders. The app is a united solution to a rather complex issue. By eliminating the unnecessary and combining the essentials, students are able to access several elements in one app, all the while focusing on individually relevant information. The app includes customizations, ready to suit the needs of diverse student populations.
Target Audience
The primary target audience will be U.S. college students aged 18-24. According to Education Data "in 2018, the largest percentage (52.6%) of the US population enrolled in college (undergraduate or postgraduate studies) were 20-21 years old" (Bustamante, 2019). The average age of students enrolled full-time was 21.8, but 11 million of them were ages 18-24 (Bustamante, 2019). Although my target audience is US college students ages 18 to 24 years of age, it's important to understand the app is still diverse and customizable.
• 1 primary logo design
• 1 app icon design
• 1 prototyped app design (Adobe XD)
• 1 prototyped homepage design (Adobe XD)
About the Company
Company Profile
Noted is an app you can count on. Founded and designed by Ali Petrizzi in 2020, our app is an all-in-one organizational app for college students. We have fused together the different aspects of college life in order to enhance time-management skills and increase success. Our app combines several components, from calendars to note taking, all in one place. At Noted, our main goal is to create an easy to use interface while combining college information. Logins and multi-authentication procedures are minimal, allowing for a seamless navigations. We strive to make our app highly customizable. Being client-focused, we are always open to feedback, suggestions, and requests. Noted is a note-taking, time-management, and productivity app of the future. 
Company Logo
In our conceptual logo lie 2 main components: a bee and a pencil.
The Bee
Bees, especially honeybees, are often known for their organization, productivity, and community. They work in well-organized groups to complete a variety of complex tasks, such as building a complex nest. The phrase ‘busy as a bee’ correlates to the life of many college students, and the problem our company is attempting to solve. Our app helps students stay organized, be productive, and merge several aspects of their busy lives together.
The Pencil
The pencil expresses a more direct concept because you can take notes whenever, wherever, and however you want. From to-do lists to calendar appointments, we have it all. As the digital world continues to evolve, we strive to increase note-taking abilities in a seamless manner. By eliminating the unnecessary and combining the essentials, you can access several elements in one app, all the while focusing on individually relevant information.
• To independently research, design, and produce a logo, app icon, app design, and homepage design for Noted. 
• To demonstrate knowledge of Adobe XD and create a working design within the program.
• To efficiently research UI/UX design, similar applications, and college student organizational needs relevant to my project; analyze and understand research findings; and develop solutions to be integrated within my project.
• To demonstrate knowledge of fundamental design principles—typography, color theory, layout, and hierarchy—and implement them throughout my project.
• To establish cohesive brand identity elements throughout all components of my project.
• To understand, analyze, evaluate, and apply critique when necessary.
• To demonstrate effective communication skills throughout my project and in my final presentation.
• To utilize time management skills in order to present the project by the deadline.
• To create app content that successfully eliminates unnecessary information and combines essential information.
Research Synopsis
This project is certainly research-intensive. I plan to research using various websites such as Apple, Google, Pinterest, Behance, and Dribble. The following is a list of my research goals:
• Research modern UI/UX design techniques via the internet.
• Research and understand user needs via the internet.
• Research navigation techniques and requirements in app design via the internet. 
• Research Apple iOs Human Interface guidelines via
• Research college student needs, relating to an all-in-one organizational app, via my survey on SurveyMonkey.
• Research and evaluate similar apps used by college students via the internet and SurveyMonkey.
• Research devices used by college students via the internet and SurveyMonkey.
• Research which components college students feel are the most important within this app, via SurveyMonkey.
• Verify diverse populations had taken my survey via SurveyMonkey.• Analyze survey results via SurveyMonkey.
Bustamante, J. (2019, June 7). College Enrollment Statistics. Education Data. Retrieved May 6, 2020, from

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