Vera Bradley Back-In-Stock Feature
Implemented in May, 2021
Businesses across the world experienced supply chain disruptions in mid-2021. Due to the global supply chain disruptions, our online products were going out of stock quickly and we were losing potential sales.

Our objective as the digital team was to 1) create a back-in-stock notification feature for users who wanted to purchase out-of-stock products, thus preventing a dead-end and 2) gain revenue that was being lost due to the global supply chain disruptions. The deliverables included an onsite sign-up input feature on PDP and a back-in-stock notification email.

My Role
• Research, Discovery, and Competitor Analysis
• UX/UI/IX Design
• User Flows
• Wireframes
• Prototypes
• Quality Assurance Testing
This project also involved extensive collaboration with the product owner, business analyst, developers, digital merchandisers, and other cross-functional teams. It was important to understand the feasibility constraints upfront and to align on an MVP based on data that was already available to us.

After implementing our back-in-stock notification feature, the restock emails began generating more than 20% conversion per email. 
In one use case, the back-in-stock email send for a specialty collection generated $70k in revenue within 30 minutes.
A mobile wireframe & prototype of the responsive sign-up feature on PDPs.
A desktop wireframe & prototype of the responsive sign-up feature on PDPs.
A hi-fi design of the responsive back-in-stock email.
A user flow I created with the help and alignment of core team members and cross-functional partners.